Welcome to FineThings

Live Lovely Every Day!

FineThings is a Soft Furnishing service store, pioneered by the Francois family, to provide a unique avenue for everyone to “Live Lovely Every Day!”

The owners, are mindful that we spend considerable time at home and in offices so the store’s raison d’etre is to design, construct and supply the right, unique and luxurious decor for homes, hotels and offices that radiates beauty, warmth and individuality matched with functionality and modern style!

We serve customers on mainland St. Vincent as well as Bequia, Mustique, Canouan and Union Island and now we have increased our digital access….

Glender Francois, Managing Director

FineThings was established in October 2008, just before Christmas in the Russell’s Mall in St. Vincent, with its core products touting the Mode Alive brand. An expression of natural fibres and climate friendly materials. As one customer expressed ” just what we needed, finally. Popping colours, blending hues, variety and plenty style with matching accessories”

FineThings has since become a household name that represents excellent quality and style in curtains, mats, cushion covers, linens, throws and a decent range of accessories. Off course the store concept continues to evolve and new product ranges are added, like our LED bulbs from Superior LED,

Speaking of new product ranges, FineThings is taking the creative journey with two artists Khara Francois from “Kharascuro fine art” and budding artist Glender Francois. Art pieces on canvas now available online and in-store.

Coming soon is our Sewing Center for custom made soft furnishing!

The new and easy to find, Joshua Center has afforded way easy access to FineThings and now we have increased our digital footprint in addition to FB and Insta.

So visit the FineThings space today and start “Living Lovely Everyday!”

Glender Francois